About Us

Maiden Electronics was formed as a private limited company in Zimbabwe in 2000. We are a husband and wife team. Initially the company specialized in the manufacture of battery chargers. As state power supply worsened in Zimbabwe, the company began manufacturing inverters to meet the public’s demand of an alternative power source.

As with all electronic equipment we soon discovered that Asia could offer us better and cheaper products than we could manufacture ourselves. We now offer a high quality inverter range imported from Asia. It is important to understand that not all Asian exports are of poor quality. The Asians are capable of producing equipment of a very high quality, and sadly very poor quality as well. It is the buyer that chooses his price and therefore his quality! 

With our head office now in Johannesburg, we have committed ourselves to supplying the South Africans with solutions to the power challenges they now face. We offer a range of power solution products in SA, including standard and long run UPS systems, inverter systems and solar systems. We have now expanded into the vehicle battery market and offer a range of good wuality brands at reasonable prices along with free fitment in a friendly environment.

We believe that ESKOM is still not carrying out the necessary maintenance and necessary expansion of the Country’s infrastructure, in order to keep up with development, and ever increasing demand for power. We know from experience that this will result in long term power interruptions throughout the country. We also know that much of Africa and the rest of the World is challenged with the Energy Crisis. At this time not only South Africa and Zimbabwe, but also Zambia, Mozambique, Nigeria and even New Zealand are in need of Solutions!

You can trust our experience in Power Solutions and use this simple e-com site to purchase the right solution for your home / business. If you are not sure what solution you needcontact usfor professional advice.

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