SS Pro Specs

1000 / 2200 / 3300 / 4000 / 5000
The SS series UPS is an advanced Inline Transformer based UPS which produces pure sine wave power to your equipment and offers un surpassed reliability in the most extreme power environment. The series provides efficiency over 96% under normal power conditions. Smart battery management with two charge modes, quick charge and trickle charge, are provided to maintain the batteries in the best condition.
The special design of set-up software, UPS Wizard, which will allow users to adjust the voltage-transfer points, charging voltage & green model level, etc. Besides an LED display, the series also features a full function LCD display.
Pure sine wave output
Microprocessor based design with tru Inline topology
Adjustable voltage sensitivity, charging voltage, & voltage transfer points
Remaining estimated backup time indication
Smart battery management with intelligent double stage charging control
Real time auto detection for battery condition
Automatic restart of loas after UPS shutdown
Generator compatible
"Green Power" design with auto on / off function
Hot-swappable batteries (optional for 3k & 4k models)
Network manageable (NSMP optional)
RS-232 interface for communication, compatible with all major O.S., including Windows, Linux, SCO, UNIX & DOS
Protection for overload, short circuit & over temperature
Technical Specifications
Output Capacity1000va/600w2200va/1350w3300va/2000w4000va/2600w5000va/3500w
Output Voltage200v/220v/230v/240v Selectable
Voltage WaveformSinewave
Crest Factor3 ~ 1
Output Frequency (synchronized to mains)Autoselect for 50/60Hz : 47Hz~55Hz nominal
Regulation (nominal)+-5% of nominal voltage
Regulation (battery made)+-3% of typical voltage (adjustable with the remote set-up software)
Over current protectionOverload alarm level 100% - 120%, overload shutdown level 120% - 190% (adjustable with remost set-up software)
Nominal Voltage200v/220v/230v/240v Selectable
Input Frequency47Hz-65Hz, 50/60Hz Auto-sensing
Efficiency97% (Normal Mode)
Noise FilteringFull time EMI/RFI Filtering
Over current protectionBy AC Fuseby re-settable over current protector
Voltage Range20% - +24% for selected nominal voltage
29% - +33% adjustable with the remote set-up software
Surge Protection220 Joules440 Joules440 Joules660 Joules660 Joules
Battery TypeMaitenance free, sealed, valve regulated, lead acid
Battery Size12v 7AH12v 9AH
Typical Backup Time10-30mins load dependent
Charging MethodSmart pulse charging with 2 charge modes
Quick charging when battery is not fully charged, trickle charging when battery is 90% charged
Charging Current2.5A Average (10A on Long Run Models)
Average Charging Voltage per BatteryQuick charge mode ~ 14V maximumTrickle Charge Mode 13.2 ~ 13.9V adjustable with the remote setup software
ProtectionOver current protection and over charging voltage protection (SCR control)
Thermal protection (CPU control) - When internal temp. >45°charger will stop for 2.5mins, followed by a 1.5 min cycle
Cycle will repeat until internal temp. <44°
MoitoringSmart monitoring & waring for failed battery/open circuit battery (Auto detection when turned on / every 6 days)
Standard InterfaceUPSilon 2000 compatible
RS232, optional for RJ45, USBRS232+USB, optional for RJ45RS232 + USB + RJ45
Optionial InterfaceDB9, SNMP (External type)
Control PanelLCD
Audible AlarmAlarm on Battery - Low battery / battery over voltage
Alarm on abnormal operation - Over load, Short circuit & overheat
Green Mode Function (Auto shutdown during blackout)1¬14% of full load (adjustable with remote setup software). NB: Default setting is off.
EBTEstimation of Backup time System - Support for LCD Dsiplay
Operating Temp.Up to 1500 meters, 0¬40°C
Transit/Storage-15 ¬ 55°C
Relative Humidity5 ¬ 95% non condensing
Operating Altitude0 ¬ 3000 meters
Audible Boise40 dBA (at 1m from surface of unit)
Safety MarkingCE
EMCClass B, EN50091-2, FCC part 15, IEC 1000-2-2
Quality Control SystemISO 9001
Unit Dimensions(cm)38 x 20 x 1851 x 20 x 61
Dimensions Shipping (cm)48 x 33 x 3054 x 33 x 30
Unit Weight(Kgs)1525363637
Weight Shipping(Kgs)1626373738
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