Powerware Protection 3-5-9

Powerware Protection, as Easy as 3-5-9

There are nine common types of power problems, shown in the table below. The 3-5-9 concept clarifies what types of problems can be avoided with which solutions, and in which environment each solution is the most useful.

Series 3 for non-critical applications

A basic solution that protects non-critical hardware and data against three out of the nine power problems. These UPSs operate in standby mode.

Series 3 UPS Products

1 Power Failure
2 Power Sag
3 Power Surge

Series 5 for higher protection level

An intermediate solution for office environment and servers featuring good communication options. Operating in line-interactive mode, these UPSs provide protection from the five most common power problems.

Series 5 UPS Products

4 Undervoltage
5 Overvoltage

Series 9 for full power protection of critical applications, day and night

These double-conversion UPSs with excellent connectivity and communication features provide full protection against all nine types of power problems. Most of them can run in parallel, thus providing 100-% uptime in the most critical of applications.

Series 9 UPS Products

6 Switching transient
7 Line Noise
8 Frequency Variation
9 Harmonic Distortion
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