KEMA Inverters

  Key Features  
  Low Frequency Online UPS TA Series   
  Key Features  Low frequency Modified Sine Wave  
  Control CPU for all functions  
  Low idling current  
  Built in 3 step charger, 30amp adjustable  
  Auto transfer between AC and DC  
  Overload, overcharge, low battery, short circuit and high frequiency protection  
  Alarm / Status LEDs  
  AC Input, AC Output, DC Input, Inverter  
  Mains bypass on 2 & 5kVA  
  Tower enclosure, small footprint  
  Technical Specifications   
  Model 1000 2000 5000  
  Capacity  1kVA / 700w 2kVA / 1400w 5kVA / 3600w  
  AC Input Voltage 230VAC -+10%  
  DC Input Voltage 12v 12v 48v  
  Output Frequency Regulation 50hz +- 0.05%  
  Waveform Modified Sine Wave  
  Transfer Time Typical Auto transfer 5ms  
  Protection Fuill protection Overload, overcarge, low battery, short circuit and high frequency protection  
  Efficiency   > 90%  
  Low Battery Voltage   9.5 - 10 VDC  
  Over Battery Voltage   14.5 VDC  
  Overload Capacity   1.5 times of rated capacity, 10ms  
  Charging Current   Up to 30 Amps  
  Charging form   Three step, constant current, constant voltage and float charging  
  Environment Operating Environment 0-40 degree's Celsius, 0-90% relative humidity (non-condensing)  
  Noise Level < 40 dB  
  Physical Dimension DxWxH (mm) 311 x 161 x 340 400 x 240 x 430 400 x 280 x 460  
  Dimension, DxWxH (mm) in packaging 370 x 210 x 381 421 x 360 x 490 421 x 360 x 490  
  Net weight (Kgs) 20 35 56