SIc) 2400w / 3.6kva Home UPS - Pure Sine Inverter

SIc) 2400w / 3.6kva Home UPS - Pure Sine Inverter


2400Watt / 3.6kVA Inverter Only

NB: In addition to this Inverter, you will also need batteries, cables and a battery cabinet to complete the UPS System. There will also be the cost of Installation as this Inverter must be connected to your DB Board by an Electrician.

Pure Sine Wave Inverter which provides a superior AC source of power for your complex electrical requirements and frequency sensitive equipment such as Air conditioners, Refrigerators, TV's, Office Equipment, Motors etc.. Also suitable for general appliances such as TV, Decoder, Lights, PCs, Printers etc..

It is combined with a selectable built in intelligent multistage battery charger which operates automatically to maintain optimum battery power. Suitable for wall mounting, this unit can be installed near the distribution board to supply backup power to the home / office.  View Specs

    Battery Choice 24v

    Your Price R 12 912.40

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    Too cheap!!! It costs less than the 2.4 KVA! unit? I have tested it 100%! - thia is a FANTASTIC inverter!!! Don't you know Maths?!! TOO CHEAP anyway! PS (Delete this part Admin: Please see me on BOB as: "Edmund1000")

    Very good inverter. First reviewer correct. Runs very cool.

    Great Website!! I will be ordering my UPS Inverter now...
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